Continuity of Client Care with e-3c Case Management

About Us

e-3c has a long history back to 2005 when we started working in the Public Sector supporting the Drug Intervention Program and Prolific Offender Monitoring offering a digital case management solution in support of the respective initiatives.

Since then the e-3c solution has grown significantly in size and importance to our customers as we have developed many key modules to support the evolution of these initiatives.

Software as a Service

e-3c is a powerful suite of SaaS solutions that when deployed enable the operational teams insight into the case management activities across the respective program.


e-3c provides integration with the existing case management and back office systems to facilitate a streamlined and data focused platform for open collaboration

Operational support

With e-3c the user is provided with a single view of case managment activites for a client, pulling data from other system modules with no duplication of effort

Police Custody Healthcare

e-3c Custody Healthcare is a web and mobile based solution that is used by healthcare professionals in Police Custody suites for ensuring the wellbeing of detainees.

Within Custody Healthcare there are several key modules which provide for the needs of the healthcare professionals and respective service providers, those being

  • Detainee Management
  • Custody lifecycle
  • Triage
  • Comprehensive Medical Assessment
  • Clinical Observations
  • Mental Health
  • Care Planning
  • Complementary mobile based applications including interative body maps and detainee consent

Liaison & Diversion

e-3c Liaison & Diverison is a web based solution that is used by multiple agencies to help identify those individuals who are engaged with the criminal justice system as a result of being either a suspect, defendant or an offender.

Within Liaison & Diversion there are several key modules which assist in the monitoring and tracking, those being

  • Case Management
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Data Integration
  • Dataset Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Self Service Reporting

Case Management

e-3c Case Management is a web based solution that is used by a multitude of agencies who interact with clients to fulfil case management responsilibities for initiatives intended to improve the circumstances of the client.

Within e-3c there are several key modules which provide for the needs of both Commissioners and providers, those being

  • Case Management
  • Treatment lifecycle
  • Criminal Justice interventions (CJIT)
  • Contacts
  • Risk Management
  • Caseload Management
  • Self Service Reporting


At e-3c we are focused on providing services for our customers to ensure compliance and process improvements through our software solutions. The team at e-3c are dedicated to providing solutions that meet your specific needs using project methodologies and development frameworks that cater for flexibility and customisations to the product set.


The implementation of the solution is the most important aspect of the lifecycle to ensure that the solution meets the needs of the business.


Ensuring that the training delivers the correct message is key to the final implementation of e-3c

Cost effective

As part of the project definition, the project budget is tracked and visible throughout the implementation


During and after the delivery of the solution support is provided for every step to ensure all parties agree on each phase of the project


Drawing on the experience of several customer engagements enables Elisian consultants to guide the customer through the aspects of e-3c


The delivery of the final solution is provided with hyper care support to ensure a professional transition into production

Why choose us?

At e-3c believe in providing quality solutions that surpass the expectations of the client and open up new opportunities for innovation and efficiencies.


As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, quality is at the heart of everything we do at e-3c

National coverage

We work with clients across the UK supporting strategic initiatives delivering effective case management solutions


Working closely with our partners enables integration of businesses and technology supporting innovation


Years supporting clients


Software modules


Data centres


Clients supported

Our Clients

We treat our clients as our partners throughout the public sector and as such value the input they provide to continually improve our software products.

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